Menthol Is Infomercial
Image result for what is menthol When inhaled, menthol can reduce airway pain and irritation from cigarette smoke and suppress coughing, giving smokers the illusion of breathing more easily. However, despite what some marketing messages may seem to suggest, menthol cigarettes offer no health benefits compared to non-menthol cigarettes.

Youth and Tobacco Infomercial
Preventing tobacco product use among youth is critical to ending the tobacco epidemic in the United States. Tobacco product use is started and established primarily during adolescence.

Tobacco and Mental Health Infomercial
A larger proportion of people diagnosed with mental disorders report cigarette smoking compared with people without mental disorders. It is important to know what triggers you to smoke.

Tobacco and Heart Disease Infomercial
Nicotine, a highly addictive chemical found in cigarettes and other tobacco products, has harmful effects on your heart and vascular system. It can cause your blood pressure to increase, heart to race, arteries to narrow and it can increase the flow of blood to your heart.

Smoking Tobacco and High Blood Pressure Infomercial
Each cigarette you smoke causes a temporary rise in blood pressure. Smoking damages the walls of your blood vessels, leading to atherosclerosis, where fat is laid down in your arteries walls, making the arteries narrower. It also makes your blood more likely to clot and forces your heart to work harder.

Smoking & Mental Health
Adults with mental health or behavioral health conditions smoke cigarettes more than adults without these disorders. Our "Smoking &" Campaign focuses on smoking and how it impacts disparate populations.

Menthol Sunday Infomercial
Children begin vaping and smoking as early as 12 years old. Future Builders, Inc. ask that you join us in the fight against tobacco and in the allegiance to stay woke to the traps of the big tobacco industry.

Tobacco Prevention - The Dangers of E-Cigarettes
Does your child know the dangers of tobacco? More and more youth are smoking tobacco via e-cigarettes and Future Builders strives to teach youth about the dangers of smoking. Shuvonne Johnson teaches youth about the dangers of smoking through this short video. Watch and learn more today.